Monday, October 7, 2013

Online Business

Dear blog, I was thinking of doing an online business year before and started to do the business plan (that i think i have to do before start the business), that's what i have studied in school. Even its only a draft and not so called as really business plan, hehe. The spirit came up and feel like the easiest way for me to earn some money is by doing this, since some other problems that affected me.

Ok, i realized that so many people already do this and im d one who left behind(well this have no time limit and its better late than never, right?) Draft finished and i just realized that there is no fixed line or Telekom wire here that is really really needed in order to get streamyx and being able to online fastest. (the only way i get online is by prepaid internet plan which is RM30 per month and just using my phone). Really poor of me. R u kidding me? you wanted to do online business and you dont even able to get online? i can online, but using my phone and the connection is just Edge? can u imagine how fast it is in no 3G area? some people cant breath event the connection slow, then what happen if there is no internet at all? some might assume that it is a needs, not wants. same thing like foods, home, clothes...really? ok, no internet, no online and no online business..what a great be continue..


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